EDC Belt Shopping Hacks

There's a lot more to a tactical belt than keeping your pants up, so keep these tips in mind while you shop:

  • Tactical belts without holes offer micro-adjustability for a custom fit – without holes, you can size the belt just right for work, the range or EDC.
  • Belts made from fade-resistant and fray-resistant materials tend to last longer.
  • An integrated D-ring and a quick-release buckle, often characteristic of rigger's belts, offer "one-time fit and forget" functionality.
  • Belt width doesn't always correspond to stability, but generally, the wider a belt is, the less likely it is to twist and sag when you attach your gear to it. Just make sure the one you choose fits the belt loops on your pants.

Finding the right tactical belt for EDC doesn't have to be hard, as long as you know what you're looking for. Browse Fairwin Tactical entire selection of belts and other tactical accessories to get exactly what you need today.

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